New Herd Management concept (Preview)

A new concept design for a system for animal farm managing.

This is a very complex system that organizes herd data for all the farm purposes, combined with Afimilk's hardware product to detect animal's health, fertility and milking data, the system also provides important insights that helps detect animals in distress or in their fertility window, data that is extremely helpful to manage large sized farms.

for more info contact me directly or go to the Afimilk website.

This process started after having this client for a few years, the design system was not suited for the amount of data presented and we came up with the idea to simplify and minimalist the design to keep the data in the right hierarchy, make it easier to understand the data adding high contrast colors, white clean background, and dark fonts.

I also made the design system simplified and ready for the development phase.

the systems upgrades were accompanied by high enthusiasm from the end clients around the world.

the new system is now in an exciting beta phase.